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Clay has been a passion since I took my first ceramics class as a young adult.  At the time I was living in Northern California, and I was fortunate to have had exceptional teachers and influences at Foothill Community College and San Jose State University.  I continued to learn and develop my skills at the Palo Alto Cultural Center* where I worked in their public studio for many years.   Clay has remained a very meaningful and consistent part of my life ever since. After retirement I began devoting myself more fully to my clay work.  I enjoy slab construction and working on the potter’s wheel.  My home studio is in Providence, Rhode Island.

My aesthetic leanings are largely influenced by my love of nature.  I am also intrigued by simple geometric shapes and lines. I am drawn to their elegance and order. They form the basis for my design considerations.  My work explores the interplay between these two distinct influences, in ways that they balance and complement one another. 


Equally important is honoring the clay and the firing process.  Both are great teachers and present ongoing opportunities for re-examination, discovery and letting go of expectations for outcomes.  What may initially be perceived as a flaw can often become a gem, enhancing the integrity and vibrancy of a form. 


My hope is to create work that provides visual as well as emotive interest, and that invites contemplation.  And perhaps to also be useful. 

*Currently named the Palo Alto Art Center.

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